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Can I access courses and materials offline?

All of our materials can be viewed online only on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. 

How do I register?

How do I contact The IELTS Academy

You can contact us via the contact page or email us at:

I can't proceed after answering a quiz

If you cannot proceed, it means there is mistake in your answers. Try answering the questions again, if its correct you will gain access to the next page.

How can I access the premium services?

Subscribe as a member for full access to materials and the comprehensive self-paced interactive course that will support you with everything you need to know about passing the IELTS exam.

I cannot find the subscription materials

All access to subscription materials can be accessed through you account. Simply click on your name on the top right corner for a menu.

Everybody is able to cancel their subscription with a day's notice. If you do not cancel your subscription before the end of the monthly billing period you may be charged for another month's access.

Subscribe as a member for limited access to materials, or a paid subscription for full access.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Full access to online interactive courses is available from £5.99 per month with forum support on any IELTS topic. Individual tutor support is available from £33 per hour.

How much is a subscription?

Support: Support
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